Bay Area Fire Sprinklers offers retrofitting services where we incorporate today's fire protection technology into existing structures. A fire sprinkler retrofit helps reduce the risk of the loss of property and life due to a fire. Changing codes and a heightened awareness of the need for fire protection has resulted in a resounding call for retrofitting existing, occupied buildings.
Bay Area is in the forefront of this growing movement, offering you an unequaled combination of capabilities, administrative support, technical systems, and experience.
One of the keys to our success with retrofit projects is working closely with clients to minimize disruptions of work schedules and tenants while avoiding impacts to the architectural features of the building. Also, our project managers are skilled in monitoring the progress of installations to identify and solve problems before they happen. We alleviate our client's concerns surrounding the design and installation of a retrofit system, whether the building is a thoroughly modern skyscraper or a historical landmark.
Our company provides on-time, on-budget retrofit performance regardless of project size or location. To meet the retrofit challenge, we have skilled people in every area of the business, from estimating and supply, to design, fabrication and installation. Count on us for first-class treatment of your retrofit projects.
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